The Timeline

Lest you think I am diving (driving) into this thing on a wing and a prayer here is the current launch plan:

July: My lease expires. I’m going to put my household effects in storage and drive to Texas where I own a house rented by a good friend who is going to let me use it as a “home base.”

August: I’ll spend establishing residency and buying a rig.

September: “Shake down trips” will be the name of the game. When I pick up my rig I’ll likely stay at a nearby campground just to get a feel for how long I can go dry camping with hookups as a safety net. Then I’ll expand my travel around Texas visiting some friends before really hitting the road

October: Barring any unforeseen circumstances I’ll be on the road by October 1 at the latest. I’ll likely head West to see my family in California (and talk them into helping with some mods.) But wherever I end up I can’t wait to enjoy the ride!

2 thoughts on “The Timeline

  1. Yay! You will be in Texas. I can’t wait to see you! Even if you aren’t planning on coming to Austin, I will track you down wherever you are for a visit. : )

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