Let the negotiations begin…

Exciting moment, yall! I Just got my first price quotes for the Winnebago Travato 59GL!

But first, a couple of updates:

  • My assumption that you can get a better deal on a rig that is already on a dealer’s lot is mostly untrue AND the ones that people have been traipsing through either on the lot or at an RV show are seriously beat to hell and I do not want that. Things you learn going to RV shows!
  • So that led me to the decision to order one all shiny and new from the factory. Not only will I be the only one to traipse through it, I can get all the options I want (and don’t want.) Win win!
  • But the decision to order one got me to thinking about my timeline and the relocation plan. Originally I was going to move to Texas in July, reestablish residency, then buy the RV. I reconsidered because it would be much easier to load out the rig directly from where I am now in Virginia so I can decide what to take and what goes into storage based on what can actually fit in the RV instead of just guessing.
  • That thought process let me to the money (it’s always the money.) Turns out that Texas’ sales tax is 6.25% and Virginia’s is 4.15% so there is obviously a BIG cost savings to registering the RV here in Virginia and then only paying the @$90 fee when I become a Texas resident again. That alone is going to save me over $2,000!
  • So the new plan is to order the RV in the next couple of weeks for delivery at the end of June/early July. I’ll pick it up from whatever dealer gives me the best price and drive it to Virginia and pack out from here (parking TBD, ugh.) THAT PUTS ME ON THE ROAD IN MID-JULY and allows me to spend a little time here on the East coast before heading to Texas and points West.

Now on to the negotiation phase…

From my research I have learned that 29%-33% off MSRP is what people are typically spending. I have received price quotes so far from 27%-30% off MSRP. These are from out of state dealers so I’d have to factor in travel costs/time.

I’m also going to contact the one dealer here in Virginia Beach and see what they can do. That would make my life easier but it depends on what they can do price-wise.

So that’s where we are as of today. Still lots of negotiating and logistics to work out but we are getting close to the point where I go from a wannabe to a gonna be. Can’t wait!




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