Buying your first RV is like having a baby.

Ok, ok, its not like HAVING a baby but it is a lot like PREPARING for a baby. No, I don’t have kids but hear me out:

  • You know its coming but you don’t know exactly when.
  • You foolishly think that you are not going to be one of those people who buys tons of stuff and then one day you look around to find your living room piled high with RV crap.
  • When you first decide to get the RV its all exciting and then when it actually gets close you become terrified that you’re going to mess it up, or break it, or its going to break you. But by then its too late.
  • You know its going to change your life but in the back of your mind you are a little scared of how much and if you’re going to like it.

So I am 4 days away from picking up my RV. They told me on Friday that it made it to the dealership and sent me a picture:

Baby’s first photo!!!

I am over the moon excited and quite a bit nervous. They haven’t finished checking everything out to make sure it all works so I won’t know for sure until Monday that I am picking it up on Wednesday. So that’s a little stressful. Spent today trying to find a place to park it while I get my apartment packed up and affairs squared away (cheapest I could find was $90 for the month so I called in a couple of favors and found a spot about 5 miles away but at least its free.)

And then there is the stuff. As the Amazon and Walmart boxes were piling up in my living room, I was thinking that I really should have been allowed to create a registry. Seriously! I never had kids so no baby showers and I did get married once but it was a small affair so no registry. When do I get to force my friends and family to buy me stuff?!

How much stuff are we talking? Well I am trying very hard not to buy things until I actually live in the van and determine what I need (vice following all the folks on YouTube with their list of “must haves”.) But I am driving 10 hours to pick up the rig and spending 5 days driving it back so I am going to need the essentials. There’s the stuff I’ve pulled out of my cabinets (linens, cookware, utensils, clothes, toiletries, dog stuff, etc.) and then there’s the stuff I had to buy new because its RV-specific (power cables, water hoses, monitors, window shades, sewer attachments, etc.) You can get the full low down in my latest video here:

How much does all this cost you ask? Around $1,000 just to get started!! I really could have used a registry!

So this is my last post before I am an actual RV owner. Stay tuned for more adventures (you know that first black tank dump is coming!!)

3 thoughts on “Buying your first RV is like having a baby.

  1. Hey Ginger are you an Amazon affiliate? If not sign up. You may not get rich from it but every little bit counts. I watched your video on RV stuff. It was great but It would be great if you let us know the brands of what you purchased. I need a Wine chair too lol. I’m hoping to have mine by August this year. The GL as well. Thanks.

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