Time and the Art of Social Media

I am guilty, I fell victim to the voracious demands of YouTube to the expense of this site and blog. Its a lot, yall! Trying to prepare for this major life change and keep up with the internet is impossible. People that do it well are people that have other people to help them.

I get it, the really successful YouTubers and InstaGramers have people who do most of the work behind the scenes. I don’t have those people. I don’t think I really want those people.

My YouTube channel got a couple of shout-outs and now I’m up to almost 200 subscribers and I feel this crazy sense of obligation to these complete strangers who clicked a “subscribe” button. But they are so nice to me! How can I not keep posting new videos for them?

I’m trying to find the balance and a purpose for each platform. I doubt I’ll ever be one of those people who posts multiple videos and photos and blogs per week. Those people are making their living on this stuff, I am definitely not. So I’m going to try to find the balance. I’m only going to post when I have something good to share. Here’s my plan:

  • YouTube: Videos of stuff I think will be interesting or useful to my viewers.
  • InstaGram: Once I’m on the road I’ll endeavor to post a photo per day.
  • FaceBook: Really just re-posting of stuff but at least its a one-stop-shop.
  • This website/blog: More in-depth thoughts and ideas. For those who really want a deep-dive on my existence (so pretty much my Mother.)

I hope that makes sense. I hope not to disappoint. I hope not to drive myself mad with trying to keep up with this stuff while working full time and living on the road.

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