New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year. I’m not really a big fan but I did make one: to actually use this website and blog to share a bit more about my adventures.

So I’m in North Texas at a rent house that I have owned for 3+ years but had never seen until the end of December (long story.) Since my best friend from college is the tenant I am able to stay there when I’m in town. But as you know, absentee ownership can be a challenge and the house needed some TLC, aka my credit card, so that has been quite the undertaking.

I also needed to reestablish my residency in Texas by getting “Lucille” registered and changing over my driver’s license (4 HOURS at the DPS OFFICE!) Got all my annual doctor’s appointments out of the way and I’m seeing old friends. Its been nice to be off the road for a while.

As I write this I am sitting in the “lounge” of the local RV dealer waiting for Lucille to get a few things done under warranty. The Remis shade in the front window basically disintegrated when all the strings that hold it together came unattached and at my last stop in Louisiana my black tank handle broke off the valve so I haven’t been able to dump it. That is definitely something I can’t go without on the road.

Looks like I’ll be here another couple of weeks finishing up some odds and ends and because of my work schedule but we’ll see. I’m already getting itchy traveling feet and I can’t wait to get back on the road.

From here I’ll head down to Austin to see some of my friends and then I’m heading West. Hoping to make it to Big Bend National Park for a few days and then onward to Arizona to the X-caper’s Casa Grande convergence. I think its time to try and meet some fellow RVers. It takes a village!

So Happy New Year to all and I promise to make an effort to blog on the weekly. Keep checking out the YouTube channel for more videos as well!

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