January 27 Update

Greetings and salutations. I’m still here in North Texas, still working on the house. We are installing new floors in the living room today to replace the nasty carpet. Pool got cleaned yesterday. Yep, this is the exciting life I lead.

After 7 hours at the RV dealership I can report that Lucille is adventure-worthy once again. They replaced the Remis shade in the front window and repaired the black tank valve. Apparently it simply came detached inside the valve housing after the grommet that keeps it in place near the dump handle became dislodged. Moral of the story: don’t pull too hard on your dump valves. But all is well, I have a working toilet and shade again. Given that the warranty on a Winnebago is only 12 months or 15,000 miles these are likely the first and last covered repairs (Ram chassis/engine and Volta lithium system have much longer warranties so all good there.)

I’m 90% sure I am going to skip the rally in Arizona. In order to make it I’d have to haul ass and skip a bunch of stuff I want to see in Texas. So I’m thinking that after Austin I’ll head down to the gulf coast to do some beach camping. There are nightmare stories of people getting stuck in the sand on Padre Island so I’m not sure I’ll camp directly on the beach (many do and its free but I’m a little paranoid.) Then I want to get over to Big Bend; the wild flowers are already blooming there!

I am grateful for a mild southern winter. Barely gets below freezing here and highs in the 60s. Looking forward to getting Lucille all cleaned up and back on the road soon!

One thought on “January 27 Update

  1. It looks like I’ll be full timing in a year or so. I have watched your channel from the beginning. Love your honest and straight forward style. Considering Travato G as it has the best floor plan for a small space. Just wondering if your full-time do you think going up two more feet to a class C 24 footer like like a Navion would be worth the extra hassle for parking and moving it around. I like the idea of having a shower, more water, and more gray storage. It would also be nice to have a bit more space to stretch out in other than the table. Also wonderingHow comfortable that bench is in the G Travato, do you use it much? Thank you, Karin in Petaluma, California.

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