Today is the Day!

I’m getting back on the road today!! I’m super excited. Turns out that 6 weeks out of the van is my limit. Don’t get me wrong, its been great to see friends and not think about parking, electricity, water, internet, or where my poop is going, but I’m ready to get moving.

So Lucille is all loaded up and ready to head south to hopefully warmer weather and sunshine.

My plans may be evolving (more on that later but the rally in Arizona is back in the mix potentially.) I have learned that its very hard to be in an exact place at an exact time when you full-time. There’s just so many cool things you have to pass by in order to get to the thing. But I live in a van so I can always double back if I want to.

That’s my goal for the next 6 months: plan less. I’ve been planning a week or two out but I’d like to try just figuring it out as I go. Have a general direction and just stop when I want to stop.

And the gym, gotta work on that too.

So I’m all ready to go, just a few more work things to do and I’m hitting the road. And I’m READY!

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