The Day Always Gets Away From Me!

Enchanted Rock

Being back on the road has been great…and exhausting…and is still worth it.

I headed out and spent my first night in a Walmart. What can I say, I like convenient.

Then I let the weather get the best of me. I had planned to go to Magnolia in Waco to see all the beautiful “Fixer Upper” things but it was 40 and rainy so I skipped it. Its not like I can fit any home decor in the van so no big loss I figured. It is amazing to see tourists in downtown Waco. I went to Baylor a hundred years ago and when I lived there we NEVER went downtown.

I stayed the night at a lovely Corps of Engineers campground on the lake and the next day went to the Waco Mammoth National Monument. I was pretty sure there wasn’t a national monument there back in my day and I was right, it was dedicated in 2015. It really was quite impressive and worth a look-see if you are in the area. Then I spent the day hiking with Whiskey in Cameron Park which is my favorite place in Waco.

Waco Mammoth National Monument

I headed to Austin to spend some time with my good friend from college Charla and her family. It is sometimes nice to be in a place that you have been to a lot so you don’t feel the pressure to do the tourist thing. We just hung out and talked mostly. We did venture out to see some live country music and I bought a new pair of boots (because Texans are not allowed to be without proper cowboy boots.)

I left Austin too late and by the time I got to Enchanted Rock they were sold out. It was a holiday and really nice weather so not surprising. Just note that if you go you should get reservations in advance. I was going to go back the next day but it was foggy and rainy. That damn weather again! But rain days are good for doing things like getting back to the gym and heading down the road. Drove a few hours west through what many people think is the ugly part of Texas. But Texas is home and to me its all amazing.

This week’s observations:

  • I love Harvest Hosts! I have never spoken to my neighbors at an RV park but I have always hung out with my fellow RVers at a Harvest Host. Wine = bonding.
  • Decision fatigue is still a thing.
  • There are A LOT of RVs in central/west Texas in the winter.
  • Campgrounds have gotten cheaper in this part of the country despite high occupancy.
  • I NEVER have enough time to do everything I want to in a day.

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