RVing and Coronavirus

I’m good, I’m better off than many others. I’ve been at my aunt and uncle’s place (the family compound) in southern California for about 10 days. I arrived three hours before the governor issued the stay-at-home order. So far no problems with getting supplies (except toilet paper, that is still a mythical unicorn.) Still working, doing some repairs and mods on the van (check out YouTube for those.) I’d probably venture out if there was anywhere to go but everything is closed so no reason to. Being an introvert is serving me quite well, thank you very much.

Not everyone is so fortunate. Some of my full-time RVer friends are having a hard time finding safe places to stay because of all the campground closures. Its the law of unintended consequences when officials act before they think. I just penned a note to the Washington Post about it. Media outlets are starting to clamor for new angles in their coverage. We’ll see if it gets picked up. You can also read about the issue here.

On a happy note; my cousin’s wife gave birth to twins last week. They were sent home a couple of days early because home is now safer than the hospital. All are doing well. The rest of us are quarantining so we can go visit them.

Coronababies Ben and Alex!!!

Its a brave new world, yall. No matter how you feel about the handling of the situation (and I’m not interested in discussing the politics of this thing) you have to admit this is a seminal moment in the history of our country and the world.

Make no mistake, the doctors and scientists knew it was coming. Come on, we ALL knew it was coming in the way we know a cataclysmic earthquake will hit California or climate change will eventually destroy the planet if we don’t find a more efficient way to do it first. But like all of those things we know are coming “someday” we chose to ignore it and let “others” worry about it. We are living the consequences of our actions. People only have so much bandwidth and most of it is taken up with our own little day-to-day lives. That is understandable, its human nature. Just realize and accept that that is the reason you don’t have toilet paper or spring break vaycay right now.

Pay attention to the acts of kindness and commit to some acts of your own. This will eventually end and you need to be able to look back and say you did your part, you contributed to the solutions and not the problems. You are living through something that will be written about in the history books, endeavor to be on the good side of that retelling. Stay safe, keep others safe, think about your actions and your words; they matter now more than ever.

Housekeeping items:
1. I haven’t been blogging weekly, I know. Lots of things have fallen by the wayside in this mess. I’ll try to do better but no promises.
2. I wasn’t receiving emails from the comment page on this site so if you tried to contact me and I didn’t respond its not that I don’t like you its because I suck at web design. Problem is fixed now.

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