RVing and Coronavirus

I’m good, I’m better off than many others. I’ve been at my aunt and uncle’s place (the family compound) in southern California for about 10 days. I arrived three hours before the governor issued the stay-at-home order. So far no problems with getting supplies (except toilet paper, that is still a mythical unicorn.) Still working, … More RVing and Coronavirus

Today is the Day!

I’m getting back on the road today!! I’m super excited. Turns out that 6 weeks out of the van is my limit. Don’t get me wrong, its been great to see friends and not think about parking, electricity, water, internet, or where my poop is going, but I’m ready to get moving. So Lucille is … More Today is the Day!

The Road is Calling

The call of the road is getting louder and this week is all about getting Lucille back together so we can take off. If you missed it, I just posted a video about all the stuff I bought before I had the van and what I still use. Its a little long, apologies in advance. … More The Road is Calling

January 27 Update

Greetings and salutations. I’m still here in North Texas, still working on the house. We are installing new floors in the living room today to replace the nasty carpet. Pool got cleaned yesterday. Yep, this is the exciting life I lead. After 7 hours at the RV dealership I can report that Lucille is adventure-worthy … More January 27 Update